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An Introduction to Genesis.

For our convenience in referencing the bible man has divided original text into chapters and verses but Genesis has its own eleven distinct divisions dealing with; an Introduction to genealogy, genealogies of the Heavens and the Earth, of Adam, of Noah, of the sons of Noah, of Shem, of Terah, of Ishmael, of Isaac, of Esau and of Jacob. In some bibles the word 'genealogy' is translated as 'history'.
This is human history tracked through a certain blood line. Why these people? The main area of interest is the Messianic line because this is a book about Christ. This is actual history which explains origins but in today's world it is largely rejected. This is understandable by those of no faith but there are those calling themselves Christians who are blinded by bad science and disbelieve parts of the bible particularly the account of creation.
Does it matter? Does it make any difference whether God created in six days or whether He created by evolution over millions of years?
The first three chapters of Genesis are absolutely foundational to the whole of scripture. Satan knows that to destroy the foundations is to destroy all. Doubt was sown into minds by Darwin's ideas.

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(1) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

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An Introduction to Genesis - part 2.

Ian gives his reasoning for his acceptance that Genesis is the literal truth about creation and origins and not as many believe a matter of evolution or myth.
Those without understanding are content in the belief that science has 'proved' the big bang and evolution but most simply accept such without any idea of what science actually says and what evidence there is to weigh such against biblical evidence.
This evening we are drawn the precise and vital relationship between the solar system and earth, and between plants and animals. With God being the creator of all things it follows that He knows how everything functions and how He intends it all to be in a right relationship within itself and with Him.
God does not want automatons. We have choice. Having choice sorts those who try to live according to God's plan from those who choose to live as they please which by definition is contrary to God's intentions and instructions.
The evolutionist belief has to get rid of the biblical account of creation but a problem exists in that there are people professing to be Christians who choose to accept the evolutionist belief in a big bang rather than what God tells us. They may compromise with their own explanation (unbiblically changing and adding to God's word) saying that God 'used' the big bang and evolution to create us. This is known as 'theistic evolution'.
What worldly effect does this have? It is catastrophic.
Ian gives examples of how man loses any grasp of what is right / wrong, moral / amoral, except for those invented by his own ideas. Theistic evolutionists give themselves the right to reinterpret God's word giving themselves a god that they like and who approves their lifestyle.

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(1) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

NASA photo of Earth from space

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GENESIS - Myth? Theistic Evolution? Gap Theory? An Introduction to Genesis - part 3.

We have considered the views of some in suggesting that the Genesis account of creation is myth. We have considered Theistic Evolution which people suggest was God's method of creating everything. This evening Ian brings our attention to another view held by some, that of Gap Theory.
We are given an overview of how Gap Theory accepts the Genesis account but suggests there are tremendous time intervals between verses which can bring agreement with some geologists and others who believe in millions/billions of years of Earth development.

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(2) The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.