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Ian Moulton

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Born in 1958 in Bolton Lancashire, Ian came to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by the grace of God as a teenager through the ministry of the Sunday School and Young People's Fellowship in the local Church his parents "sent" him to as a child. It was not until he was in his early twenties however, that through a series of events and circumstances the Lord brought him into a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit as described and promised in the Scriptures (Acts.1:4-5,8).

Through this experience came a deeper love for the Lord and a greater desire to know His Word and to obey it. Soon after this Ian was baptised in water by full immersion on confession of his faith and in obedience to God's Word ( Matt.28:19; Mk.16:16; Acts.2:38; 8:36-39).

Ian soon began preaching, first in "open-air" meetings in Bolton town centre and from time to time in the Church he now attended with his wife Gillian and young daughter Lydia. The Lord gradually opened up opportunities for Ian to preach and teach His Word in other places too. The call of Christ to preach and to serve Him more fully came in time and eventually this led to Ian leaving his former career in design and advertising to attend Bible College full time for three years.

This was not an easy move to make as Ian had a wife and now two children to support. But the Lord confirmed His will in a marvellous way and the family soon moved to Nottinghamshire where Ian completed three years of Bible Training. The Lord provided wonderfully for Ian's family during those years and both Ian and Gillian thank God for the blessed time they had and for friends they made there. Ian was always aware however that Christ had called him to preach and teach His Word pastorally and so together Ian and Gillian sought the Lord for where He would have them serve and the Lord led them to Chorley.

For the last 19 years they have served the Church in Chorley together and seen God do many wonderful things over those years. For Ian the call to preach and teach God's Word is stronger than ever. His aim is to "keep back nothing that is helpful, but to proclaim the whole counsel of God both publicly and from house to house" (Acts.20:20,27).

This involves preaching the full Biblical Gospel to those who are not yet saved, ("repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ," Acts.20:21; Rom.1:16-17); and teaching the "whole counsel of God" to believers (Acts.20:27).

Over the years Ian has been privileged to minister God's Word in various other countries as well as Great Britain.